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Only that are fit and healthy can give blood.

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Want to donate blood

Can always find the nearest place to donate blood

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Your blood type in detail

Is it worth knowing your blood type? Think it is! Find out about your blood type and whose life you could save.

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Failed to book a blood appointment

For whatever reasons, we apologise for that! But can call us on our Toll-Free on 0800 122 422 to reserve one for yourself between 09:00 AM-04:00PM Mon-Fri.

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Your weekly blood drive

Get to know the nearest place you can go and give blood, because #SAFEBLOODSAVESLIFE.
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Career Opportunity

Uganda Blood Transfusion Services in partnership with CAUMM with support from the Irish Embassy in Uganda is glad to announce existing carrier opportunities for qualified, competent Ugandans at Moroto Blood Collection Centre.

For more information proceed here...Career Opportunity

News and blood campaigns

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World Blood Donor Day

14 of June of every year, the world celebrates the blood donor for giving blood. You know, #SAFEBLOODSAVESLIFE.

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Blood 4 Uganda

Follow us on facebook and join our blood campaigns as we strieve to save lives, because safe blood saves life at

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