Health and Eligibility

Get to know if any health conditions, ailments, medications, age, nutrition could affect your ability to give blood and travel. Please read through these snippets/foot-notes for that information. Can also follow up further with the links provided in each button.


Please call us on Toll-Free 0800 122 422, Monday-Friday 08:00AM-05:00PM and Saturday 09:00Am-03:00PM. This will enable us talk to you and respond to your questions appropriately.


If it's done by a professional acupunturist or medical practioner, you can donate in 24Hrs after treatment.


One can donate at 17years to atleast 70years if one passes the eligibility criteria.


Can't give blood if under influence of alcohol. One won't be able to understand and respond to our donor health check form when intoxicated.


If you have been on treatment or completed the dosage, you should wait for 14days from the date of completion of the dosage to give blood.


if you have mild allergies you can donate blood, even when taking antihistamines for treatment. However, there are times when you may not be able to donate.


Acceptable as long as you do not have any limitations on daily activities and are not having difficulty breathing at the time of donation and you otherwise feel well. Medications for asthma do not disqualify you from donating.

Birth control

Women on oral contraceptives or using other forms of birth control are eligible to donate.

Bleeding control

If you have a history of bleeding problems, you will be asked additional questions. If your blood does not clot normally, you should not donate since you may have excessive bleeding where the needle was placed. For the same reason, you should not donate if you are taking any "blood thinner" such as:

  • Atrixa (fondaparinux)
  • Coumadin (warfarin)
  • Eliquis (apixaban)
  • Fragmin (dalteparin)
  • Heparin
  • Jantoven (warfarin
  • Lovenox (enoxaparin)
  • Pradaxa (dabigatran)
  • Savaysa (edoxaban)
  • Warfilone (warfarin)
  • Xarelto (rivaroxaban)
If you are on aspirin, it is OK to donate whole blood. However, you must be off of aspirin for at least 2 full days in order to donate platelets by apheresis. For example, if you take aspirin products on Monday, the soonest you may donate platelets is Thursday. Donors with clotting disorder from Factor V who are not on anticoagulants are eligible to donate; however, all others must be evaluated by the health historian at the collection center.

Blood Pressure, High

Acceptable as long as your blood pressure is below 180 systolic (first number) and below 100 diastolic (second number) at the time of donation. Medications for high blood pressure do not disqualify you from donating.

Blood Pressure, Low

Acceptable as long as you feel well when you come to donate, and your blood pressure is at least 90/50 (systolic/diastolic).

Blood Transfusion

Wait for atleast 1 year after receiving blood.


You can't donate blood if you have had cancer.

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