Donors and disability

Anyone can volunteer to give blood, whether you have a disability or not. All we do is to ensure that it's safe for people to give and patients to receive donated blood.
We need to ensure that anyone who wants to give blood understands what's involved, and what one is supposed to do after donating blood. If we feel one is not ready to give blood, we can't let one continue with the process.


Carers can always accompany you to donate blood, apart from the private screening for confidentiality. But all we always is to introduce themselves to our staff/team.

Accessibilty and wheelchairs

All our donation centres can be accessed by a wheelchair. You can always call before booking an appointment for more information about the facilities we offer. Not all our blood donation venues (e.g streets, play grounds, community halls, etc) may have facilities to enable such kind of people access our facilities and services easily.

Hearing Impairment

You can contact us on WhatsApp on 0795 311 966
You may bring a translator or signer. However, if you need a signer or translator(third party interpreter) to be present during the exchange of confidential information(e.g. screening), they must:

1. Not be personally known to you.
2. Understand the requirements of Blood safety and Qulaity Regulations.

Visual Impairment

Help and information

Have any questions, comments, concerns or stories about donating blood, please reach us via:

Toll-Free: +256 0800 122 422
WhatsApp: 0795 311 966

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