Donor Recruitment

Blood Donor Recruitment

The Donor Recruitment Department has a strategic goal to ensure effective mobilization, recruitment and care of low risk voluntary, non- remunerated repeating blood donors to ensure a consistent and adequate supply of safe blood to all transfusing facilities.

Introducing effective procedures to improve the service of donors; through donor motivation, donor care and donor involvement ie society interface.
Social marketing technique to develop an education and marketing plan for the recruitment and retention of voluntary, non- remunerated blood donors Communication, education and motivation of voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors
Identifying (Low risk population) suitable for donor recruitment. (e.g. in donor clubs, schools, industries)- Mobilization
Monitoring and evaluation of donor recruitment activities
Coordinating and supervising donor recruitment activities
Formation of blood donor clubs like club 25 Uganda
Carrying out blood donation drives in busy centers

Methods of Blood Donor Recruitment

Mobilization/ Organizing- Site mobilization, Physical contact, Internet and tele- recruitment of blood donors
Formation of blood donor clubs like club 25 Uganda
Sensitization and education
Publicity (Print and electronic, postures flyers/ leaflets, etc)
Counseling (Pre & Post Donation)

Donor Recruitment Process

Four key aspects are engaged; AIDA Model

3. Your blood donation

Awareness- people need to be informed before a donation using either print media, captions, exhibitions postures etc
Interest- Motivation of potential or Loyal donors by arousing them
Desire- This is the real act of donating blood on the bed side on action


Voluntarism is the guaranteed humanitarian self-motivation which could be in the form of; Modest remuneration, without pay and in a form of acknowledgment.

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