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ubts.go.ug is the Uganda Blood Transfusion Service website for health professionals and blood donors.

It provides information about blood products and components to assist with best practice in laboratories, in surgery and at giving blood.
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Medical Services

We work with institutional, jurisdictional and national groups to improve transfusion clinical and laboratory practice. These activities include support to hospital transfusion committees, partnerships with Uganda Redcross, CDC, NSSF, WHO, UNICEF, DANIDA, The World Bank and other specialist international societies.

We also work closely with hospitals and pathology services in inventory planning to optimise availability of blood and blood products and minimise wastage, helping ensure donor blood is used for the benefit of the greatest number of patients with minimal risk.

Medical Services supports optimal transfusion outcomes for patients by promoting safe and appropriate transfusion practice through expert clinical and scientific advice, education and research.

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